POSTED 3/12/2020 3:45PM EST

Office Hours During the COVID-19 Outbreak

9:00AM – 12:00PM and 2:00PM – 4:30PM, Monday through Friday

To our Guests and Future Guests

Our community is facing an issue of serious nature and overwhelming scale. The management at Sienna Pointe Apartments and My Lucky House would like to communicate our support and sympathy for those who the current COVID-19 outbreak has affected.

In an attempt to do our part in keeping our staff and guests safe and healthy we are implementing a policy of Social Distancing imediately. This policy may adapt as the situation evolves and is subject to change. If you have any thoughts or ideas to improve our response please contact us. We appreciate your understanding that your experience, as our client, may look different as we navigate through these times together.

COVID-19 Outbreak Social Distancing Policy

Stay Calm

My Lucky House has asked all staff to be cautious. We want to do our best to protect our clients and ourselves, but we don’t want anyone to panic.

Limiting Interactions with the Public

We are asking all our employees to do their best to limit their face-to-face interactions with the general public. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Conducting meetings via the phone or video chat when possible.
  • Working from home where possible.
  • Pre-screening guests over the phone/email before meetings/showings.
  • Only performing critical tasks, such as maintenance and repairs that cannot wait.
  • Avoiding any group interactions or events.
  • Avoiding hand shakes (fist bumps and elbow raps are the preferred option).

Each employee has been asked to adjust their interactions as they deem necessary for their own and the clients comfort.

What is “pre-screening”? Depending on the situation, pre-screening could mean a few things. Don’t be offended if you are asked if you are symptomatic or if you have or have had a fever. We want our employees to feel safe and be healthy­—we also want our clients to stay healthy too. You may also be asked questions to determine the urgency of the face-to-face contact. All non-urgent contact is discouraged. Please self regulate, if you think it can wait, it probably can.

Office hours may be affected and we encourage our clients to check the website first for scheduled closures before making the trip. Rent/Payments can be made on-line or dropped off in our secure outside drop-box at 1293 NE 3rd Street, Bend, OR

Keeping it Clean

Hand washing is at the top of the list! Let’s go above and beyond and keep our areas clean. We will be wiping down door knobs and other high traffic surfaces as often as possible.

For more information please feel free to call our office at 541-815-8200 or email [email protected]

Thank you,
The Management Team at Sienna Pointe Apartments and My Lucky House